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Kathryn T. Van Sciver
(317) 726-0811
Indianapolis, IN, USA


Welcome to Textilian and Ottoman Empire.

We hope that you will find something in our services and products to intrigue you.

Services available from Textilian:
  • Oriental rug restoration
  • Textile mounting
Services and features of Ottoman Empire products:
  • Oriental rug pillow production
  • Fur, quilt and other textile pillow production
  • Oriental rug upholstery of ottomans
  • Hats, handbags, and accessories made from Oriental rugs, furs, and textiles
  • Scarves from lightweight silk, rayon and other textiles
  • Textiles used are antique, vintage and contemporary
  • Most textile items incorporate recycled materials
  • Jewelry from semiprecious stones, vintage glass, and sterling
We would be happy to discuss custom work with you. Please call (317) 726-0811 or email kathryn@textilian.com.
Kathryn T. Van Sciver has restored textiles and art objects for more than 35 years. In addition, she transforms otherwise unusable textiles into new objects such as ottomans, pillows, hats and handbags. More recently she has included jewelry in her offerings. Kathryn attended the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelors of Arts in Communications. She then studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and was awarded a Certificate in Painting.